CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fire Extinguishers are suitable for use on fires involving burning liquids (Class B fires), and for live electrical fires. CO2 is a clean gas containing only pressurised CO2 which leaves no residue after it has been used. It works by displacing oxygen from the air and suffocating the fire. Particularly good at fighting fires on computer equipment as the gas can encompass any item and reach parts that other extinguishing agents may find hard, it does not cause damage to the electrical items and does not cause the system to short circuit.

How to use a CO2 Fire Extinguishers
Aim the horn at the base of the fire and sweep across. As they remove oxygen from the air do not use them in confined spaces and bear in mind that they can be very noisy when activated. NOT SUITABLE for deep fat fryers, as the strong jet can spread the fire to a wider area.

• Clean gas that does not damage equipment.
• Excellent on live electrical equipment
• Quickly suffocates fires.

• Has no cooling effect on fires.
• You can burn your hands on the swivel horn due to the cold.
• Can asphyxiate if used in confined spaces.