Powder Fire Extinguishers, such as ABC powder extinguishers or dry powder extinguishers, are suitable for fighting class A, B and C fires. ABC powder ones are great for fighting a multitude of fires and are inexpensive to produce and buy. However, a balance has to be struck between the generally quite cheap but powerful powder extinguishers and the cleaner, but less powerful and sometimes more expensive foam/water (with additive) extinguishers.

How to use Powder Fire Extinguishers
For solid fires point the nozzle at the base of the flames, moving across the area of the fire.
For liquid fires aim the hose at the near edge of the fire and with a rapid sweeping motion, drive the fire towards the far edge until all the flames have been extinguished.
Flowing liquids should be dealt with by directing the nozzle at the base of the flames and sweeping upwards until all the flames have been extinguished.
For electrical fires switch off the power if safe and then direct the nozzle straight at the fire.

• Have a very good fire fighting capacity
• Can be used on multitude of risks
• Can be used for cars.

• Powder does not soak into materials
• Does not have a good cooling effect on the fire
• Should not be used in small, confined spaces due to inhalation risk
• Clean up is very difficult and the powder causes damage to soft furnishing, carpets and computer drives etc.