Water Spray Fire Extinguishers are best for fire involving organic solid material. Water is great at cooling a fire, the fine spray created by the nozzle allows for the water to have a larger surface area in contact with the fire at any one time. This makes the extinguisher more efficient and faster at removing the heat and slowing the spread of the fire.

How to use Water Spray Fire Extinguishers 
Point the nozzle at the base of the flames and sweep across the area of the fire. Fully discharge the extinguisher to maximise the cooling effects.  Warning, do not use water extinguishers on burning fat oil or any liquids.

• Good for tackling fires involving burning paper, wood and soft furnishing (Class A fires).
• Water has a cooling effect while extinguishing the fire.
• Water extinguishers don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

• Water extinguishers can be large and heavy.
• Water conducts electricity therefore care must be taken with regards to accidental use on exposed power cables.
• Spray extinguishers only have an effective range of approx one metre.