Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are specifically designed for use in kitchen fires involving burning oil and deep fat fryers. These types of fires now have their own classification from the British Standards (Class F fires). Wet chemical extinguishers come with a special, long lance which allows you to safely fight a fire, while maintaining your distance. They can also be used on Class A fires, although their fire fighting power for these types of fires is not as good.

How to use Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
Turn of the heat source if it is safe to do so. Use the special lance provided to lay a cooling layer of foam on top of the burning oil. Apply the fine spray in slow circular movements, this allows the wet chemical agent to fall gently onto the surface of the fire and helps to prevent hot oils splashing on to the user, removing the flames and cooling the fire at the same time.

• Only extinguisher specifically for F Class fires
• Also has an A Class certification
• Lance helps to keep user safe from fire

• Expensive extinguisher
• Very specific application
• Care should be taken when dealing with hot oil fires