Fire doors are the unsung heroes, they are used daily multiple times and are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance.  Fire doors have a pivotal role as they are a physical barrier between fire and smoke and can save lives.  When shut they compartmentalise a building providing you with vital time to escape.

Doors are classed as ‘passive’ meaning they operate automatically without anyone activating them, of course some are linked to fire alarms so when the alarm sounds the doors release from the open position to closed.  Either way once the doors are closed they stay closed to prevent the spread of fire or smoke.

Did you know that fire doors require maintenance?  A door must be properly maintained and serviced to ensure it will work adequately in the event of a fire.  It is the responsibility of everyone within the building to ensure they are not propped open and remain undamaged and that any damaged is reported and fixed.  The Responsible Person should ensure that the site carries out a weekly visual check of all fire doors and regular six-monthly maintenance should also be scheduled whereby the door is serviced and all locks, hinges, glass, apertures, frames and leaves are assessed.

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