PIR stands for Passive Infrared Sensors or as it is more commonly known a motion sensor.  They work by detecting Infrared radiation that is emitted by body heat, so they don’t emit body heat like everyone thinks they do but it is often easier and less complicated to think of it that way and all people and pets emit infrared radiation and along with movement.

The PIR works by viewing your room as a grid and splitting it up into small squares.  If it detects infrared and movement move from one grid square into another the PIR activates sending a message back to the control panel that infrared and movement have been detected and this sounds the alarm.

There have been huge changes in technology and many people now have pet sensors installed in their property.  They can either work but not detecting the bottom section of a room or by not detecting a mass of infrared movement below a below a certain size.  This enables you to still have a certified, accredited, insurance specified intruder alarm system with household pets.  The detectors are interchangeable between rooms so you can have a pet sensors in certain rooms and normal detection in others or you can have pet sensors everywhere (perfect so you don’t have to remember to shut your pets in certain rooms when you go out!)  Why not contact us if you need an upgrade, a survey or just some advice.

Intruder PIR