In light of recent tragic events, weekly testing of your fire system has become even more important. If you never find the time or would like to outsource the responsibility of weekly testing to T&J Fire, please contact us on 01707 326093 or to find out more.

Even if you have a quarterly or 6 monthly service your fire alarm system still requires a weekly test, during which you need to test at least one call point and ensure that the panel receives the signal, that you can hear the sounders and then reset the fire panel. A different call point must be tested every week and the testing documented in your fire log book. It is recommended that the weekly test happens on the same day at approximately the same time so that everyone gets used to hearing it.

This weekly test keeps all staff familiar with the fire alarm noise and allows any potential problems to be identified quickly.

Contact us on 01707 326093 or to ask us how we can help you.