The British Standard BS5839 (2017) states that all care homes should have a monitored fire alarm. The monitoring sends a signal to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) so if the fire alarm is triggered by either a detector or a call point, it sends a signal immediately to the ARC and they respond instantly calling the fire brigade.  The ARC provides services 365 days a year 24/7 ensuring any alarm activation is automatically responded to.

Of course, care homes all have staff 24/7 and one of these could call the fire brigade, however this would inevitably result in a delay that could be critical to the resident’s survival.  By automating this process, staff are available to immediately react and deal with the situation and evacuate residents according to the building fire strategy.

The British Standard highlight the importance of this monitoring; however, many care homes are still not complying with this requirement.  If your care home isn’t meeting its fire safety obligations, it could receive a large fine or other consequence with their authorising body.

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